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Full-time Board Administrative Officer

at Waterloo North Condominium Corporation #70 in Waterloo


As a non-voting Officer of the Waterloo North Condominium Corporation # 70 (W.N.C.C. #70) Board of Directors (the Board), the Board Administrative Officer is responsible for providing support to the volunteer Board members in the fulfillment of their duties.

The Board Administrative Officer is expected to be present at and support all meetings of the Board and Corporation, which will inform their understanding of the Board’s priorities and ability to alert the Board to any potential conflicts with these priorities. With the primary contact between the Board and the Board Administrative Officer occurring at Board Meetings, the Board Administrative Office must have the capacity to carry out the duties of this position with little direction or supervision. The Board Administrative Office must have the ability to assess unexpected situations that may require the Board’s immediate attention. The Board Administrative Officer personifies professional courtesy and absolute discretion when carrying out the duties of this position, handling complex situations as they arise, and maintaining utmost confidentiality of Board records and/or discussions. This position is the liaison between the Board and i) Unit Owners and Residents ii) Corporation Staff and iii) the Corporation’s contractors, including Property Management.

Wage: $29-36/hour, $22,600 - $28,000, Annually

Hours: 15 hours/week 

Location: Columbia Place, Waterloo


Manage Board Priorities

  • Quickly adapt to and learn priorities of the current Board, including the Board’s active projects as well as day-to-day administration required by the Board.
  • Handle complex situations as they arise with speed, and discretion, including need for urgent meetings and changes to detailed arrangements involving numerous other parties; tactfully communicate to other parties when schedules and priorities change.
  • Critically think in an unexpected situation to assess what needs to be completed and prioritize tasks effectively.

Meeting Administration and Management

  • Coordinate agendas, minutes, and documentation for the Board’s use prior to meetings.
  • Take minutes at all meetings of the Corporation (including twice monthly Board Meetings and formal Owner Meetings, such as Annual General Meetings)
  • Take notes at monthly informal owner meetings.
  • Record Action Items and due dates to be completed as work orders in online community portal
  • Upload draft minutes to SharePoint and send notification to the Board within 2 business days of meeting

Human Resources Support

  • Assist, as needed, with hiring and recruitment of corporation staff and contractors, including but not limited to:
    • Posting job description in appropriate locations and create screening form in Forms 365.
    • Act as primary contact to all applicants.
    • Do a first pass of resumes, inviting those potential candidates to complete the screening form.
    • Coordinate with the relevant Board members and send invitations to the applicants.
    • Participate in interviews, primarily as note-taker & provide feedback to lead Board member after interview.


  • Maintain the Board’s calendar and schedule all appointments and meetings for the Board.
  • Working with Property Management, maintain a record of the annual cycle of events related to the Corporation’s operation
  • Track action items from meetings and highlight items that are past due.
  • Maintain calendar of events on online community portal


  • Manage and action Board’s primary email account; respond, forward and prioritize email as appropriate.
  • Receive owner communications for discussion at Board Meetings and prepare responses on behalf of the Board.
  • Post and maintain messaging on MaxTV screens.
  • Monitor daily report from the Condominium Administrator which brings daily notifications, comments complaints, concerns.
  • Manage all forms of correspondence to track workflow and action requests that require follow up.
  • Maintain utmost confidentiality concerning details of the Board’s discussions and correspondence.

Online Community Portal Administrator

  • Act as Administrator for Building Community Portal, including drafting of bulletins and bi-monthly newsletters on behalf of the Board.
  • Ensure files and forms are up-to-date with the appropriate permissions.
  • Post redacted notes and minutes on online Community Portal.

Process Support

  • Apply continuous process improvement approach & propose changes to the board.
  • Develop documentation to support all approved process changes.
  • Assist with physical and electronic storage according to records retention policies.
  • Update/maintain webpages, Microsoft Teams sites, and SharePoint sites when required.



  • Completion of a post-secondary degree preferred.


  • 5 years of experience in administrative support required.
  • Demonstrated experience managing the priorities of a Board with competing demands and changing priorities.
  • Experience interacting with a wide variety of people in many different contexts.
  • Experience using independent judgement and handling confidential information.


  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • A high degree of organizational skills, interpersonal acumen, and problem-solving ability is required to provide oversight in balancing multiple priorities and deadlines.
  • Demonstrated technical experience in the setup and execution of in-person, remote, or hybrid meetings models, using platforms such as: Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills.
  • Experience interacting with different cultures, nationalities, races, and religions.
  • Ability to change direction swiftly, manage multiple tasks simultaneously amid several distractions, and be flexible to changing schedules and workload.
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • Ability to trouble shoot and problem solve independently as well as part of a team.
  • Ability to analyze situation and issues in an anticipatory environment.

How to Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume directly to anita@wadmin.ca.



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Published at 16-11-2021
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